5 Must Have Shoes For Your Summer Closet

When the summer solstice hits, you should be prepped and ready to hit the town in style. With the threat of snow and frost gone and the temperatures rising, you’ll need to revisit your footwear options. Though boots and sneakers are the typical go-to options for the cooler months, it’s time to swap them out for a selection of lightweight, comfortable, and stylish options that pair nicely with any summertime outfit.

As you’re planning out your summer footwear options, these five essential shoes should find their way into your closet. They’re the staples of the season, a healthy mix of open, airy, and fashionable to make walking on the beach or strolling to outdoor shops comfortable. With these five essential summer shoe options in your closet, you’ll be ready to take on the hot weather and complete any warm-weather look.



Flip Flops

Can you think of any type of footwear that so perfectly embodies summer? Flip flops are synonymous with the season, allowing your feet to enjoy the warm sun with breathable and comfortable design. When the temperatures get higher, you’ll love the idea of tossing your socks aside for something less restricting. Flip flops, especially cheaper options, may not be ideal for excessive walks on solid surfaces, but there is nothing quite like easily slipping them off to sink your toes in the sand. 

What’s easy to overlook about flip flops is that they’re very easy to match. Available in a host of colors and styles, you can have a closet full of styles that work with literally any outfit. Embellished with gems, accented by floral designs, or simply dyed a vibrant, summery color, there is no shortage of options. That also means they’re quite easy to pair with a Brysie Lane bag. Which bag you decide on really depends on your summer plans, but you’ll have no issue choosing flip flops that match our Brysie Lane bags in California Tan, Stiletto Black, Lipstick Red, or Ocean Blue tote. Our Yountville wallet also doubles as a clutch with the addition of our easy to clip on wristlet.

Strappy Sandals

If you want the comfort of flip flops with a little more style, opt for a pair of strappy sandals. The intricate design of the straps wrapped around your foot elevate this footwear above typical sandals. Embellishments like jewels and floral accents are common to dress up the overall aesthetic, making these an absolute must for your summer wardrobe. Available in an assortment of colors and styles, the options are near limitless.

With straps that track further up your leg to a delicate arrangement of overlapping straps atop your foot, there really is a pair for every fashion taste. Though the sea of strappy sandals may seem intimidating, you’re sure to find a style that best suits your summer look. The question is, what bag goes nicely with a pair of strappy sandals? Maybe a more compact option with its own elegant straps, like the Sonoma Mini Tote. This lavish accessory can be worn as a cross-body bag or held by its durable straps.


With the sun hovering overhead, you’ll likely spend much of your summer at the beach or poolside. Come nightfall, though, you’ll be inspired to enjoy extravagant evenings under the stars. These summertime soirees are the perfect occasion to break out your little black dress and a pair of stylish high heels. You could break out the suede pumps you wear to the office, but the heels we’re envisioning are a bit more fun and open-toed, like glamorous sandals. 

There is no shortage of heel variety, from differences in height to the multitude of styles. Whatever you choose to add to your wardrobe, keep in mind that you may want to couple it with the Red Lipstick or Stiletto Black Yountville Wallet. It’s quaint, versatile, and easy to carry, which is exactly what you want when you’re in heels. You won’t feel over encumbered carrying this  leather wallet with swappable accessories. 


Admittedly a suitable option for all seasons, flats are great for many different occasions. Going for a stroll down the boardwalk to enjoy the warm weather? A pair of slip-ons will work perfectly fine. Have a summer BBQ to attend? Flats are certainly well within the dress code. You can purchase them as elegant footwear or as a casual option to take you from point A to point B. Like most footwear, flats come in many styles and colors, from deep solids to animal print to glistening finishes. 

You can’t go wrong with a pair of flats, whether you’re slipping into a sundress or keeping it very casual with jean shorts and a tank top. For summer, look for thinner materials that let your feet breathe, especially if you plan on being active. Colors to consider wearing include vibrant yellows, soft blues, bright greens, and bright red, all of which work against a Brysie Lane tote or bag.


Okay, so boots may seem like a heavy option for summer, but they look great with short apparel making them impossible to pass up. Keep in mind that we’re not talking about the pair you’ve been rocking all winter. Summertime boots should be shorter, sleeker, and more lightweight. Their bulk shouldn’t look too heavy and hot, especially since summer is all about shedding the extra weight from winter. In this case, that weight just so happens to be fabric from your footwear.

If the weather permits, you can definitely swap into some colorful rain boots, though they’re not the most elegant footwear. However, they are great for keeping your feet dry so you can slip back into your stylish flats or heels when the rain lets up. 

There is no wrong Brysie Lane bag to pair with your boots, but we may recommend the Napa Purse. If you’re sporting boots, chances are you have somewhere to go that may require some essentials like cosmetics and money. It’s small enough to bring just about anywhere but big enough on the inside to store your necessities. If you’re looking for something bigger to throw your boots in and switch to flip flops at some point in the day, definitely go with the Calistoga tote. The Calistoga tote is roomy and has lots of space for boots and a change of clothes.

Put Some Style in Your Walk 

Choosing the right footwear to finish off your summertime wardrobe is an essential part of the seasonal change. As you ditch the snow boots and heavy socks, you’ll be making room for shoes made for the warmer weather. But it’s about more than just finding a pair that’s comfortable. You’ll also want to consider the style, what colors it matches with, and whether it goes well with your new Brysie Lane bag.