5 Essentials For Your Summer Closet

The air is slowly warming and the sun seems to be with us longer each day. Everything appears just a touch greener and brighter. Summer is slowly approaching, meaning it’s time to start looking at what’s currently in your wardrobe. 

Come the turn of each season, we all do a mad dash to our closets to ensure we are prepared for the changing weather. The essentials change, from the long and heavy materials of winter to the light and airy fabrics better suited for warmer weather. As you’re filtering through the remnants of the cooler months, you’ll want to ensure your mid-year wardrobe is prepared to take on the rising temperatures. To help you best organize your summer attire, we’ve pieced out five of the most important items to have on hand. As you declutter your closet and ready yourself for the newness, vitality, and fun of summer, we recommend making sure these items are readily available as part of your wardrobe.


Brysie Lane Bag

Just because your clothing is getting lighter doesn’t mean you’re not going to have plenty to carry around. With a Brysie Lane bag, you can be stylish and enjoy plenty of space for personal items. 

Brysie Lane offers three different bags and a wallet, all available in California Tan, Lipstick Red, Stiletto Black, and Ocean Blue. These 100% leather bags pair nicely with any summer attire and can be customized with Brysie Lane swappable accessories. Match any summer look with the right accessory on the right bag. You can choose from the larger Calistoga Tote, the Napa Purse, the Sonoma Mini Tote, and the Yountville Wallet. Each option serves its own purpose, like storing sunscreen for those sunny beach days or keeping your money on hand while grabbing a bite. 

If you enjoy having your makeup essential onhand, the Sonoma tote has four sleeves to stow your mascara, lipsticks, pens, and other items within easy reach.


Few things are as perfect for those bright, sunny days as a sundress. Light, flowy, and often printed with an assortment of vibrant flowers or intricate shapes, a sundress is a staple for any summer wardrobe. Whether you’re going for a sleek black look or something a bit brighter, you can’t go wrong with having a few sundresses in your closet.

The sundress is the epitome of summer, replacing the drab and heavy sweaters that once cluttered your closet with something thinner, more colorful, and quite a bit more breathable. You don’t need much to go with a sundress, save for the proper footwear and a cute bag. You’ll want to keep your look simple and trade in any oversized totes for something quaint like the Brysie Lane Sonoma Mini Tote. 

Available in California Tan, Stiletto Black, Lipstick Red, or Ocean Blue, the right classic mini tote can work well with any sundress and address any concerns over storage. If there is one thing working against sundresses, it’s that they often lack pockets. And while a dress with pockets is ideal, you won’t need to concern yourself with them when you bring your Brysie Lane bag to carry your necessities.

Jean Shorts

No, they’re not the most glamorous or showy article of clothing you can have in your summer wardrobe, but you don’t have to dress to the nines every day of summer. Save the shimmery dresses and short skirts for nights on the town and stock up on a few pairs of jean shorts. Jean shorts are comfortable and casual, perfect for those convertible rides down the boulevard or a leisurely stroll on the beach. They’re easy to move in, so you can also enjoy some of summer’s more involved and athletic activities.

Pre-ripped, cut-offs, short-shorts - whatever style you want to rock is 100% up to your taste. They all simply scream summer and are a fantastic way to work that tan up to your thigh. Because jean shorts are comfortable and informal, you won’t have to drive yourself crazy trying to match them with the right outfit. Throw on a plain tee, a tank top, or a loose-flowing button down, and you have yourself a staple summer wardrobe. The trick about summer is to dress cool, and you don’t get much cooler than a sporty pair of jean shorts. 

Simple White Shirts

For a closet full of summertime clothing that provides versatility and comfort, we recommend having a few white shirts on hand. Button-ups, t-shirts, and tank tops are absolute musts as we welcome the warmer weather. Not only do they go with just about everything, but they also look clean and help show off the glow of your seasonal tan

Of course, there’s a small price for that comfort and simplicity. White shirts, in particular t-shirts and button-downs, can be a little too thin. So be prepared to have a light sweater to throw on, especially if you’re going to be hanging out in San Francisco since it can get pretty windy.

Whether you’re throwing on a midi skirt, sticking to your jean shorts, or have something a little more elaborate planned, a white shirt is a great topper that blends simplicity with style and grace.

A Straw Hat

With the sun beating down daily, you’ll want some means of protecting your scalp and that freshly dyed summertime hair. A straw hat is a simple but classic addition to every wardrobe, available in a range of sizes that best suit the wearer’s comfort and style. While you may be thinking of the standard tan hat you may find adorning a farmer, straw hats are available in a multitude of colors and fashions.

Adorned with ribbon, floral accents, or any number of decorative touches, a straw hat pairs nicely with most summery wardrobes. Since the hat is likely to be a show stopper, your accessories should be a bit more subtle, like the miniature Yountville Wallet from Brysie Lane. Converted into a mini-clutch, this luxurious wallet is the perfect summer accompaniment to a straw hat, especially in its California Tan variety. If you’re heading to the beach for the day, you may also consider the much larger Calistoga Tote for its ample room, perfect for stowing the day’s essentials.

Whether strolling down a boardwalk or traipsing through the soft golden sands of a Pacific beach, the straw hat offers a touch of summertime flair with the sun protection your head requires.

Perfecting Your Summer Look

With these five essentials in your summertime wardrobe, you should have no issue piecing together a stylish and comfortable outfit. As you’re decluttering your closet and removing all that bulky winter attire, replace those sweaters and heavy coats with the light, flowy, and colorful styles of the summer. Be sure to check our site for new styles and new accessories.